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June 29, 2019

WorldWild Podcast Interview

worldwild podcast with sunny savage

What a delight to be in conversation with Miles Irving of the WorldWild Podcast! Take a listen (skip to minute 6 to start of our conversation) as we discuss invasive species, the uniqueness of Hawaii's biodiversity, and our wild future ahead. Miles is the founder/owner of Forager, a phenomenal company that started selling wild vegetables to restaurants in the United Kingdom in 2004 and has since built this network linking foragers with chef's to include over 500 wild ingredients. 

kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) growing on Maui, HI

It’s kahili ginger (Hedychium gardnerianum) flower season. This is a short-lived season, only lasting about 5 weeks depending on elevation. Take a peek at the flowers and foliage in this video taken at Makawao Forest Reserve last week. Flowers can be dehydrated and made into tea, cooked into onion jam, used as garnish on a cocktail. All the things!

June 22, 2019

How to Make Kiawe Tea

Want a healthy recipe to make with freshly harvested kiawe (Prosopis pallida) beans? Watch the video to see how to capture this naturally sweet goodness.

iced kiawe mesquite tea

Kiawe tea is delicious hot, cold, or frozen. Seen here iced, blended with cat's ear and dandelion root tea, and served with fresh coconut milk. You can also freeze kiawe tea into popsicles, or use the tea to make a rich broth.

June 14, 2019

KIAWE season is HERE NOW!!!

kiawe haole koa side by side

Which one is kiawe?

A. kiawe (Prosopis pallida)

B. haole koa (Leucaena leucocephala)

Jumping up and down over here! Yup, me along with all of those in the know. Have you had a kiawe craving? On a magical night in Wailea, 5 days ago to be exact, while preparing wild salad for 70 in an epic outdoor farm to table experience, I found my first ripe kiawe (Prosopis pallida) of 2019. Did I mention jumping up and down? Allelujah! Since this blessing happened I have driven around half of Maui scouting kiawe beans. Lanai tomorrow and Molokai next week. There is food going to waste on the ground out there. It is time to activate on this harvest NOW. Why?

kiawe harvest maui foraging community

Hot dry sunny days make for great kiawe beans. Although the trees will continue to produce beans, if we have heavy moisture from tropical storms or hurricanes, the beans become moldy. This is the time to store this amazing food, before the hurricanes come! Free food, stored just in time for hurricane season. Get them now! 

Want to learn more? Kiawe is the perfect food for a community cooperative...let's get organizing. We need kiawe dryers in Lahaina and Kihei. And remember, Hawaiian harvesting rights are protected under law, so respect the host culture. We have a window of beautiful weather right now, let's activate and bring in this blessing of sweet abundance.
Get involved --->>> c
ontact spineofstars@gmail.com

June 7, 2019

Hoja Santa (Piper auritum) Wild Yeast Starter

False awa (Piper auritum) wild yeast starter

Do you love fizzy drinks? Looking for a 100% local wild yeast to kickstart your fermentation for wild sodas? False awa (Piper auritum), also called hoja santa, is an incredible new discovery in my wild kitchen. This crazy invasive provides plenty of fizz from its flowers/inflourescences, recipe coming! Jar on left showing bubbles forming after just one day. Jar on the right has the milky color change and bubbles on top that indicates it's ready for bottling.
Want more info on false awa? CLICK HERE

The wild isn't some far away place, it's all around us. This video shows several wild food plants found growing in my garden, right now. Work on identifying them, maybe they're in your yard too!


And, thanks to the Maui Times for the mention in this weeks article ::
Lost & Found : Reflections on technology, nature and wilderness

June 1, 2019

How Not to Kill Yourself Foraging

Release of FREE Guide on Plant Identification

how not to kill yourself foraging free guide


Today is the release of an offering I've been so excited to share. A great compliment to my book Wild Food Plants of Hawai'i, this project gave me the opportunity to provide more detailed information on plant identification and a resource list for digging deeper. Visit our homepage to :: 

 → •  Click here, or image above, to DOWNLOAD NOW  • ←

foraging paia maui hawaii

Plant identification hike in Paia on May 31st, 2019.