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I'm Sunny Savage

​After teaching thousands of people about wild foods over the last 20 years, the number one thing I’ve heard is that people are too afraid to forage because of paralyzing fear they’ll eat the wrong thing. I’m here to be your cheerleader and say yes you can. You, like all of our ancestors before us, can learn how to safely eat wild foods.

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Hill Hilmy Maldives

"I came across Sunny on a television channel while she was presenting her regular program on plants in the wild. This was something totally new to me so I got interested in learning more about the information Sunny was giving. I became regular to watch her and learned how important some wild plants can also be for us if we are able to identify them. Sunny teaches about it and presents a good way of eating these nutritious plants which are so healthy. I emailed her to learn more and she gifted me her book as well. It is a great book, a great compilation of knowledge on nutrition."

Narjit Singh Mankoo England

"I live in England and am a big fan of your show Hot on the Trail, I never miss an episode. Your knowledge of wild plants is superb and it is very rare to come across someone with that depth of knowledge. The food you cook looks superb.